Dallas: Aggravated Assaults up 23% citywide as of March 27; Robbery of an individual up 66% in South Central

Aggravated Assaults up citywide
In a day where politicians sometimes try to downplay crime, we felt the need to dig a tad-bit deeper into the statistics. There are many shootings that occur on a weekly basis and those, if there are injuries will be classified as aggravated assaults. As you can see in the far right column at the top, the year to date agg assaults totaled out at 764 through March 27. There were 620 for an increase of 23% at this time last year. Many of these aggravated assaults go unreported by news agencies for unknown reasons. We feel that agg assaults should be publicized more due to shootings with injuries being classified as such.

Robberies up in South Central
 This graph is from the South Central Patrol Division, where we can clearly see that aggravated assaults non-family  violence are up 57% year to date over last year. . Another interesting stat is that robbery of an individual is up 66% over last year. We can also note that burglary of a business is up 100% over last year. This is a small breakdown of the south central patrol divisions. Since it is election time, we will be posting this information by district so you can make an informed decision as to how you may cast your vote based upon the safety of your neighborhood.